Monday, September 14, 2009

Aaron Higgins

Aaron Higgins is a professor at Indiana University. Higgins teaches Introduction as well as advanced digital imaging. Higgins has created video projections for set designs for the theatres in Indiana University. To look at videos of some of Higgins projections go to and type in comp3 (terra). Higgins works with a time-based medium and explores abstract expressionism. Space, color, and movement are three main components that Higgins uses when creating a composition. Spirituality, nature, and reflection are some of the inspirational factors Higgins uses. The composition at the bottom is titled "Matter of Process"

"Matter of Process"



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  1. Hi Julia, thank you for the post. One small correction: "Matter of Process" is the title given to the body of work. The image above is a video still from "io", a 2 channel video dyptic.