Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike Chan

Mike is from Hong Kong. Mike works with different types of design mediums. Mike became interested in designing when he was thirteen. When Mike was fifteen he created his first website design. His teacher who noticed his website skills encouraged him to create the schools website.



In the first image of the gun made out of flowers, I love the irony of taking something that can be portrayed as beautiful, peaceful, or calming such as the flowers and having the flowers form something that can be portrayed as dangerous, harmful, or destructive. The text in the image describes how weapons are used for attacking, hunting, or in defense in combat. I find it hard to take the message of the text seriously because even though the design of the gun is threatening the fact that the gun is made up of flowers is not.

The other image is very dynamic and vibrant. I love how the bird is made out of different sized triangles arranged together. A variety of colors are used in this image and they are all very vivid. I love the glowing effect of the diagonal lines and how you can see the lines clearly against a black background. The diagonal lines also emphasize the speed and movement of the bird's flight. I also think the one word of text completes the image very well because it's simple yet bold. The text explains the message of the image in one word.


Justin Maller

Justin Maller is an illustrator and art director in Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved with digital art for over eight years. Justin has produced illustrations and concept art for many different companies and publications worldwide. He also has collaborative relationships with many international design studios. He is a member of the Keystone Design Union and the creative director of depthCore which is an international modern art collective. depthCore was set-up in June, 2002.



In the first image above with the tiger, I love the connection between the inner world and outer world. The outer world appears to be influencing the inner world because the inner world appears more simplistic. The inside consists of walls that have rows of squares and the outside seems to pop up on a part of the wall coming out of nowhere. The spewing of leaves from the outside remind me of confetti. The leaves are also pre-dominant in the image which I believe emphasizes of the importance of the outer world. This image can also be interpreted in other ways. For example, a window of opportunity to explore or expand your comfort zone.

The other image, is just as dynamic as the first image, but displayed in a different way. I like how Maller shows the outline of the shoes but makes the shoes lucid so the viewer can see the other designs that are moving in and out of the shoes. Red, Purple, and Blue are the main colors used in this image. When I look at this image I get an electric feel to it because the designs are spiraling out in different directions and the colors are vibrant. I have a feeling he is either promoting this brand of shoes or is emphasizing the importance of exercising or some other activity.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Jerico Santander

Jerico Santander is from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Santander's fields of artwork are mainly Illustration, Art Direction, Digital Art, Photo manipulation, and surrealism.



I chose these two images from Satander's gallery because they both focus on surrealism. I find Surrealism very intriguing because it's abstract and makes you think in a very different way. The first image of a guy opening his chest to reveal what appears to be some sort of heaven. I love that Satander made the opacity lower to make the figure blend in more with the background, as well as choosing colors to make the figure appear to be a part of the natural landscape. I think the message Satander is sending by the figure exposing the inner parts of his body is the more open-minded, accepting, and less self conscious we are is the key to being free.

The other image has a very interesting structure. A person's face is constructed of bodies of water surrounded by cities and semi-engulfed by smoke which could be interpreted as pollution. These details outline the facial features of the person. I think the image shows Satander's view of the world. I like the contrast of dark and light which shows the shift between night and day. The lines could represent aging of the person. Satandar is showing the blend of nature and technology as well as it's effects on the world.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fabio Sasso

Fabio Sasso is from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Sasso is a graphic, web designer and the co-founder of a design studio called 3YZ Digital Performance. Sasso is also a blogger. He posts interviews with other artists, his personal portfolio, inspirations, tutorials, and many other aspects.



I found these two images of Sasso's to be the most striking and unique. The first image above is very attention-grabbing. The torch effect is incredible. The fire appearing from his hand reminds me of a superhero or villian in the movies such as X-men. There is a distinct contrast of dark and light which enables the viewer to have a connection between the man's face and the fire. The man seems to be appearing from the shadows (half bathed in light/ half hidden in shadow) The light travels from half of his face to his forearm. The facial features and parts of the man's body are very well defined. The fire appears to be coarsing through his veins making the attachment more real. The background is black and simple. It also doesn't cause any distractions for the viewer and the focal point.

The image below the pyro I like even more. The image speaks to me more because it represents how I feel when I dance. It captures the beauty of movement. I love the cloud effect that wraps around her body as she dances. It also emphasizes the heavenly feel. The colors, the hand reaching toward the sky, and the bursts light coming from her body also add to the heavenly aspect as well as creating a spotlight effect. The girl's outfit is simple yet classic and doesn't take away from her movement. I wonder if the two arms reaching in different directions symbolize her either trying to connect her spiritual life and present life together or is torn between two worlds spiritual and natural.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Art week

For Art week I attended three events. I attended the Presentation Demo: How to present your work – Cutting Mats, Faculty Forum: Opportunities for Art Majors, Art Minors and Art Students, and Understanding the Portrait: Filmed Interviews with Photographers and Sculptors. For the cutting mats demo I learned the supplies needed for this project are: mat boards (any color), archival or non-ascetic tape, penicl, cutter, and ruler/ straight edge. A few tips I learned during the demo were: make sure everything is square, use a lot of pressure when cutting, measure sides and align them with the border, always put the front side face down (because the marks are made on the back), and make sure the blade faces towards you. At the Faculty Forum I was informed about requirements, study abroad, internships, scholarships, and tips about asking for a recommendation. This was very helpful because I'm planning on being a art teacher. The photographers and sculptors in the film had many different perspectives about portraits. The photographer I found most interesting was the woman who took photos by placing a camera in her mouth. I have never seen that method used in photography before.