Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mark Iwinski art response

Mark Iwinski is a multidisciplinary artist. Iwinski has created artworks such as sculptures, organic prints, and photographs. Iwinski has taught at Dartmouth, Cornell, and William and Mary. His main interest is creating artworks involving nature. He is fascinated about figuring out the history of the remains or ruins that made up a landscape. He likes to capture ideas or topics such as nature as they are. He’s intrigued by “lost landscapes” meaning how things within a landscape grew and changed over time. For example, redwoods are nearly becoming extinct.

Iwinski moved to Vermont in 1999. A lot of his artworks in Vermont were either sculptures or prints and he used wood as his medium. He was inspired by David Nash and other wood artists Iwinski was also influenced by scientific topics such as cosmonometry (the fusion of shapes and stars) and chemistry (especially electromagnets and electrical charges.) He used his inspirations to create artworks such as architectural techniques out of wood, painted tree stumps or fallen logs to make woodblock prints, re-casted tree stumps, optical illusions and voids, casted shapes such as spheres, squares, cubes, or pyramids. Iwinski’s casts of shapes and stumps were all white because he didn’t add color or anything else to it. I think the effect of all the casts being white makes it appear ghost-like. He also took photographs of his processes of making different artworks or completed artworks.

I found Iwinski’s artworks to be interesting and original to some extent. Although I found it somewhat ironic that he was interested in leaving the natural landscape how it is but yet he himself is changing the landscape by creating his artworks with wood or paint. I think it’s inevitable to create any artwork without somehow altering the nature of it because we as humans are constantly changing and having an affect on the universe in one way or another.

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