Monday, October 26, 2009


Roan is from Mexico City, Mexico. Roan's does illustration and digital manipulation work, which are often blended together. Roan explores many different styles as well as themes.

The bottom image is the original artwork as a whole. The other images are parts of the artwork broken up into different pieces focusing on certain areas. The image is called "rockcycled" I love how Roan combined nature with technology. Many parts of nature are pieced together to make a pair of headphones. For example, wood, grass, caterpillars, and other types of plants. Also, the fact that the headphones are being dunked or pulled out of the water suggests the headphones are completely waterproof. The message I have received as a viewer is that we should find ways for nature and technology to be used in harmony and not have one destroyed the other. We should be able to enjoy both while being enviormentally -friendly. I also like how the lighting falls mainly on the headphones making it the main focal point and the background does not distract the viewer.

By viewing this artwork, I've learned that thinking outside the box as well as experimenting with different ways to express the same motif are useful qualities to have as a digital artist. It also gives you more opportunities to explore or use different tools, media, and themes.


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