Monday, November 2, 2009

Art week

For Art week I attended three events. I attended the Presentation Demo: How to present your work – Cutting Mats, Faculty Forum: Opportunities for Art Majors, Art Minors and Art Students, and Understanding the Portrait: Filmed Interviews with Photographers and Sculptors. For the cutting mats demo I learned the supplies needed for this project are: mat boards (any color), archival or non-ascetic tape, penicl, cutter, and ruler/ straight edge. A few tips I learned during the demo were: make sure everything is square, use a lot of pressure when cutting, measure sides and align them with the border, always put the front side face down (because the marks are made on the back), and make sure the blade faces towards you. At the Faculty Forum I was informed about requirements, study abroad, internships, scholarships, and tips about asking for a recommendation. This was very helpful because I'm planning on being a art teacher. The photographers and sculptors in the film had many different perspectives about portraits. The photographer I found most interesting was the woman who took photos by placing a camera in her mouth. I have never seen that method used in photography before.

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