Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3-D collage reflection

For my 3-D collage of found objects I created a sculpture of a bird flying off with a person who is in a jazz dance position. My found objects consisted of a granola bar wrapper, gum wrappers, and parts of a plastic tv dinner tray. The other supplies I chose that were provided was clay, wire, glue gun, sharpie markers, and wood.
The message of my 3-d object was "freedom of expression" or "freedom to express yourself" I chose to sculpt a bird because I thought it symbolizes freedom because birds can fly many places whenever they want to. I made the bird a hummingbird because I think think they are pretty, small, and have cool features such as being able to fly backward. The person in the jazz dance position represents expression/ expressing yourself. I chose dance because it's one of my favorite hobbies and one of my favorite forms of expression by the use of body language and movement.
I wanted to show the movement of the bird getting ready to take-off in flight while grabbing on the person's top hat. At first, I had a little difficulty how to make the sculpture stand upright while still showing motion, but then I decided to use scraps of wood for support. I used one square-shaped scrap of wood for a base and a uniquely-shaped scrap of wood to support the sculpture. I chose to add texture to the scraps of wood by using different colored sharpie markers. I chose warm colors such as yellow and red on the uniquely shaped scrap of wood to represent the passion (flame-like colors) that comes with expressing oneself. I chose cool colors such as blue, green, and purple on the square-shaped scrap of wood to produce a calming affect because while there is passion, expression can also be seen as a stress-reliever.

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