Sunday, March 7, 2010

first half of semester

The first half of the semester is almost over so I’m going to reflect on about studio projects and sketchbook assignments I have done so far. In the beginning of the semester we discussed what is art and what is time. I still believe what I said before that both art and time are open to interpretation because each viewer or even artist for that matter has a different perspective of art as well as time. There is no right or wrong way to define those two topics.
In class we have explored various time-based projects and artists. The time based projects involved drawing twenty different lines, illustration of how you got to class this morning, a collage of model drawings, flip book animation , drawing dreams, drawing the negative space between objects, listening to music while illustrating the tones and pitches, illustrating different emotions (calm or anxiety) and currently in the process of working on collaging a 3-D object/ sculpture. Time based artists and topics we have explored Gondry, Phieffer, Barney, film called ‘Memento’, right brain- left brain transitions, Mayans view of time, Early filmakers Einstein, Muybridge, Melies, Lumiere, Futurists, such as Balla, Duchamp, Servini, animation-Windsor McCay and Betty Boop, and Martha Rosler.

Out of all the projects and sketchbook assignments I have completed so far I thought the flip book animation was the hardest to do. I was pleased that I was able to create motion . The main problem was getting the frames to hold together and flip smoothly and easily. Also, in order to create motion the frames had to be very repetitive and in proportion within the frame. For example, the farther away an object or figure is the smaller it has to be until it gradually gets bigger and bigger. Although, if an object or figure is already big and in the foreground then the size must remain constant.
I liked creating the collage of the model drawings and using the negative space of an object or figure to create other objects and figures. I really got the sense of time through the collage of the models because looking at my collage as well as my classmates, I was able to see the sequence of time by looking at the different body parts and the way they were displayed. For instance, some chose a linear or circular progression.
We had a reading about Martha Rosler which focuses on her view of technology’s role in art. It was obvious that Rosler was particularly fond of Nam June Paik. Rosler believed that Paik horribly represented the use of technology in his artworks such as stacking tv sets on top of one another to create one image or multiple images. Also that his artwork is not really art it’s “anti-art” What exactly is considered “anti-art?” As I mentioned before, everyone has a different interpretation of what they consider art so therefore everyone has a different interpretation of what isn’t considered art.

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  1. Julia- You cover the topics that we have explored, but I would have liked to hear more about how the topics are relevant to things that you are interested, and what you hope to get out of the course as a whole. I sent some basic guidelines in an email. It is good to hear more about the projects that you enjoyed though.