Monday, November 30, 2009

Justin Maller

Justin Maller is an illustrator and art director in Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved with digital art for over eight years. Justin has produced illustrations and concept art for many different companies and publications worldwide. He also has collaborative relationships with many international design studios. He is a member of the Keystone Design Union and the creative director of depthCore which is an international modern art collective. depthCore was set-up in June, 2002.



In the first image above with the tiger, I love the connection between the inner world and outer world. The outer world appears to be influencing the inner world because the inner world appears more simplistic. The inside consists of walls that have rows of squares and the outside seems to pop up on a part of the wall coming out of nowhere. The spewing of leaves from the outside remind me of confetti. The leaves are also pre-dominant in the image which I believe emphasizes of the importance of the outer world. This image can also be interpreted in other ways. For example, a window of opportunity to explore or expand your comfort zone.

The other image, is just as dynamic as the first image, but displayed in a different way. I like how Maller shows the outline of the shoes but makes the shoes lucid so the viewer can see the other designs that are moving in and out of the shoes. Red, Purple, and Blue are the main colors used in this image. When I look at this image I get an electric feel to it because the designs are spiraling out in different directions and the colors are vibrant. I have a feeling he is either promoting this brand of shoes or is emphasizing the importance of exercising or some other activity.


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