Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fabio Sasso

Fabio Sasso is from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Sasso is a graphic, web designer and the co-founder of a design studio called 3YZ Digital Performance. Sasso is also a blogger. He posts interviews with other artists, his personal portfolio, inspirations, tutorials, and many other aspects.



I found these two images of Sasso's to be the most striking and unique. The first image above is very attention-grabbing. The torch effect is incredible. The fire appearing from his hand reminds me of a superhero or villian in the movies such as X-men. There is a distinct contrast of dark and light which enables the viewer to have a connection between the man's face and the fire. The man seems to be appearing from the shadows (half bathed in light/ half hidden in shadow) The light travels from half of his face to his forearm. The facial features and parts of the man's body are very well defined. The fire appears to be coarsing through his veins making the attachment more real. The background is black and simple. It also doesn't cause any distractions for the viewer and the focal point.

The image below the pyro I like even more. The image speaks to me more because it represents how I feel when I dance. It captures the beauty of movement. I love the cloud effect that wraps around her body as she dances. It also emphasizes the heavenly feel. The colors, the hand reaching toward the sky, and the bursts light coming from her body also add to the heavenly aspect as well as creating a spotlight effect. The girl's outfit is simple yet classic and doesn't take away from her movement. I wonder if the two arms reaching in different directions symbolize her either trying to connect her spiritual life and present life together or is torn between two worlds spiritual and natural.


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