Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike Chan

Mike is from Hong Kong. Mike works with different types of design mediums. Mike became interested in designing when he was thirteen. When Mike was fifteen he created his first website design. His teacher who noticed his website skills encouraged him to create the schools website.



In the first image of the gun made out of flowers, I love the irony of taking something that can be portrayed as beautiful, peaceful, or calming such as the flowers and having the flowers form something that can be portrayed as dangerous, harmful, or destructive. The text in the image describes how weapons are used for attacking, hunting, or in defense in combat. I find it hard to take the message of the text seriously because even though the design of the gun is threatening the fact that the gun is made up of flowers is not.

The other image is very dynamic and vibrant. I love how the bird is made out of different sized triangles arranged together. A variety of colors are used in this image and they are all very vivid. I love the glowing effect of the diagonal lines and how you can see the lines clearly against a black background. The diagonal lines also emphasize the speed and movement of the bird's flight. I also think the one word of text completes the image very well because it's simple yet bold. The text explains the message of the image in one word.


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